The expected pattern for a formal letter to close the correspondence with the name of the correspondent.

But, sometimes people write their names in the body of the letter as well.

Is it superfluous to write your name and other information in the body of the letter, as we must write it at the bottom anyway? As in should the body of the letter only use appropriate pronouns (I, we, us, and 'the party of the first part') when referring to the correspondent?


It depends on how formal the letter is. It is often the case that the correspondent states their company name and their title at the top of the page as part of the heading. In this case, you are correct in supposing that pronouns would be used. For example:

Dear Mr/Ms ___,

We write to inform you that a building inspection will take place at your address on 5th April 2021. Our representative will call at approximately midday and will telephone you beforehand in order to provide you with the exact time of his call.

We hope this does not inconvenience you and please contact us if you have any difficulty with this arrangement.

Yours, ___

So, yes, in this case, pronouns throughout.

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