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For questions about different media that can be used when writing, such as writing with pen and paper or on a computer. Questions about the blog-hosting website Medium should be tagged with [medium-platform].

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Striking statistics on the SOLID principles

I'm writing an article about software quality and SOLID on Medium. I want to add statistics (reports, surveys etc.) to strengthen my article. For example; According to research of company X, the ...
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What is the most environmentally safe medium of modern storytelling?

As an aspiring storyteller, I have a lot of stories that I wish to tell. I say storyteller because I am still not sure as to which medium of storytelling I should pursue, be it books, comics, or ...
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What are the difficulties in "translating" an anime story into novel?

I have an idea that I think will work pretty well as anime, not only that, it will also throw a few quite significant twists to the character tropes and common plot-lines of anime. (I will not outline ...
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Using LaTex medium to enhance writing

I asked my Calculus Professor for a recommendation. He said, "Sure. No problem. But write me an essay about yourself and since you're a computer guy, do it in LaTeX." Now I've never used LaTeX ...
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Are the web audience who love microblogging and the book audience who love long stories different?

In my experience readers on-line prefer summarized news and condensed stories a separate audience for traditional books love long stories. It seems we now reached the point where we write in ...
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How it's better to format links to Internet in a text written on paper?

Links are useful to add additional information or second meaning or special flavour to certain words. This is especially useful for informal texts. Example: [Some programs](wiki://Metasploit_Project) ...
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Are there any good tablets out there for writing/editing?

I like being able to take my work anywhere with me, but sometimes my laptop is just too big to take with me. Battery life on tablets seem to be much better than laptops as well. Are there any tablets ...
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Is the iPad a convenient medium for writing work?

Does anyone here write on an iPad at all? The iPad 2G is due this summer and I have waited since March 2010 already, so I am planning to purchase one. However, I don't really need an iPad at all; ...
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Should I start writing on paper first or start directly on the computer?

If I have an excellent idea for a story, would it be wiser to write on paper first or start directly on the computer? There are many different reasons for beginning stories on paper as well as on the ...
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Initial Writing Medium

I am curious which is better for a beginning writer (or writer) starting a new story. Pen and paper or the computer? Pen & Paper is a lot more sketchy (like the layout of this site) which gives ...
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