Im trying to show the fact that in a picture my character is smiling, but I don't want to say

"we were smiling"

this is the sentence im trying to fix: "We were both smiling foolishly, he looked so handsome in his tuxedo and honestly, I looked pretty good in my dress."

I can't think of any other way of saying it, but I know it can be worded differently. Can anyone help?

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    What's wrong with "smiling"? It seems like to the most honest, direct way of communicating what is happening. – PTm Jan 2 at 17:36
  • You’ve used the [brainstorming] tag, but its description is “For questions about brainstorming techniques. Do not use this tag to request help in brainstorming ideas for your work; those questions are off-topic.” (emph added) – Robin Jan 2 at 18:15

One alternative is to describe the apparent feelings of the people in the photo.

"He looked so handsome in his tuxedo, I looked pretty good in my dress, and we both looked like we'd just heard something hilarious. We hadn't, it was just anticipation of the moment, I remember it felt like waking up on Christmas morning when I was a kid."

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    This helps a ton! thank you :) – Kae Jan 4 at 2:52

An appearance described in isolation may be weak, to reinforce it describe as the result of an interaction.

A smile could be something that your face does when it is affected by emotions, or it could be the result of behaviour in a social setting.

Describe the interaction between the characters the smile will just pop in there.

"He looked so handsome in his tuxedo. Our eyes met, a foolish look on his face. He glanced at my dress, my face warming with the thought of his smile touching mine."

You get the idea!

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