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Out of this world... Giving it time?
Accepted answer
13 votes

Time is based on an Event. We are in the year 2010 because someone inaccurately took the birth of Jesus Christ as the base (hence b.c. And a.d. denominations). Other cultures have other years, I ...

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When should one *not* present events in chronological order?
10 votes

I think you found one of the big uses: Character introductions. There are many books that have a segment along the lines of "As they were riding the train to Lyon, he couldn't help but to look at her ...

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Is it possible for an author's first book to be popular?
5 votes

J.K. Rowling's debut novel was Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. It was pretty successful.

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Do You Use Any Version Controlling Software/Methods As Writers?
5 votes

I use Celtx as my main writing tool and have subscribes to their Celtx Studio which gives version control. It's not exactly great because you have to be connected to the internet all the time (there ...

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Character Development - How much is too much?
4 votes

If your character is in a bad emotional state (near a nervous breakdown) then it's perfectly justified to have them overreact, i.e. they get wet because it rains and destroy a car or shoot someone ...

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For Fantasy Stories, Should You Include a Map At the Beginning of the Book?
3 votes

If you have a big universe and plan on having multiple stories, then a map is a nice touch. Bout it's also limiting. If your first book only focuses on a small part of the world and you include a full ...

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How much planning should go on before beginning writing?
2 votes

Most of the initial planning happens in my head - I have a 20 Minute walk to work every day, so over a week that's a lot of time to think. I then write out the outline and some points without any ...

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