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Hi. I'm just a man who is attempting to seek community advice to better myself for my family and loved ones. I pray to find some good communities on here. Life has been pretty tough. Sometimes feeling like giving up, however, I am just not built like that. Rather seek to fix solutions, than to be a quitter in this life. We need to move on the fiercest part of ourselves before helping others fix themselves. I am a GOD fearing man. So setting the bar high is usually the expectation for myself. Although, often finding myself falling short. I need a hand sometimes too, because I am just a man. Let us all confront it, we are all human, and can learn from each other in every way. Learn to let go of learned behaviors that impact our life in a major negative way, which are not healthy behaviors and need adjusting. Sometimes we just need a little realization of who we really are from another perspective of how modern everyday people look at us, where you are in life, how you got there, and what to change to associate yourself with better healthier habits, relationships and life. Education should never be avoided, especially when it is about yourself and those you love. I am very intrigued to hear what others who truly care, have to say about specific things that I could possibly relate to, in any given situation life could possibly throw at us, at any given time. Life can and often does, change in the blink of an eye, from everything you once knew, to something completely different, unexpected, uneasy, nerve wrecking, emotionally unbalanced, and mentally unstable. It's often times like this we feel helpless and in need of support from a community of people that can relate, loved ones, or find ourselves on our knees in prayer. However, we could also find ourselves being self destructive. Just as easy as we put ourselves on our knees finding ourselves begging for help, we can unintentionally erupt our negative thoughts and emotions from a dark cold place inside of us that we chose to forge deep inside of ourselves, which we never let out. It is this self destructive aspect of things that I tend to have issues with. Recognizing it is a very big achievement for me. I hope to forever gain wisdom of positive healing issues within myself, find ways to deal with the negative outcomes of life more positively with prudence, and help others to do the same some day, if not everyday. Even real men need help sometimes, to recognize and ask for the help you need, only makes you a stronger, braver man. Technology has destroyed our way of communication with each other all around the world. Hopefully this site recompenses some of that. GOD bless. Looking forward to hear from everyone.

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