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Arpit Kulsreshtha Graduated in B Tech Computer Science with HONORS Degree in 2012. He is on a mission to develop or to be a part of great mobile applications which can enhance user experience and ability to explore the world.

10 Years of Mobile Application Development Experience with a strong focus on Building Enterprise, Social Networking Applications and working with Swift, Objective-C, C#, C++, Xamarin, Xcode, Storyboard & Instruments. Expertise Working knowledge of Core iOS frameworks and skilled in debugging, Code reviewing and Designing large Mobile app Architects. He had developed apps using SOAP, REST, JSON and XML Based Web Services.

He is interested to pursue a career in Mobile Applications Development field and he is certain that his skills and work experience prepared him well for such role.

He has been a specialist in Multimedia & Networking based iOS applications in these years. Have a piece of good in-depth knowledge in Network Programming models like TCP/IP, UDP, etc. Have done several rich multimedia (Videos & Images) processing & manipulating applications in the same. 
He is accustomed to successfully juggling multiple projects and has an excellent track record of forging strong relationships with the client. He works equally well in team-oriented and self-directed environments and finds the challenges of the start-up setting stimulating. In addition to his experience and energy, he brings to the position a piece of extensive knowledge in iOS, React Native, Flutter and Android development.

Project Management - Jira, Trello, Kanban, Unfuddle, Clickup, Clockify

Communication - Skype, Amazon Chime, Hangout/ Meet, GoToMeeting

Code Editors - Android Studio, Xcode, Visual Studio Code, Visual Studio, Eclipse, Netbeans, RStudio, Appium Studio

Analytics - Flurry, Fabric, Google, App Annie, AppSense, Apple, MixPanel, Urban Airship, Apptica

API tools - QuickType, JSON Export, POSTMan, Advance REST Client, Visual JSON

Design Tools - Adobe XD, Prepo, Zeplin

Code Review - Tailor

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