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Highly analytical and process-oriented data scientist, with in depth knowledge of database types, research methodologies, highly adept at accurate curation, analysis, and visualization of data. Possess extensive analytical skills, strong attention to detail, team player, resilient with a strong work ethic to succeed. Dream to initialize or to be part of at least one innovation in the field of Data Science for this millennium


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  • Capstone Project: Cancer (Biopsy) prediction with 95.7 testing accuracy on patient survey data. Tested multiple Classification methods and selected ML models were based on Logistic Regression Gradient Boost Classifier.
  • Heart Disease Prediction Project: Predicted patients with heart disorders with 97% accuracy and 99% sensitivity using a Classification model
  • Employee Attrition & Performance Analytics: Achieved 60% faster detection of attributes that determine and influence employee performance and attrition so that the HR department can introduce new cost-effective strategies to improve productivity and performance Customer Analytics Project: Forecasted customer satisfaction based on exploratory data analysis done on Brazilian Public E-commerce Data.
  • Bank Personal Loan Modelling Data Science Project - Designed an optimal and efficient model that could help a large bank identify potential customers who have a higher probability of purchasing loans which will increase the success ratio while at the same time reduce the cost of campaigns. Built ML models with Specificity up to 96%.
  • Automated Directory Project: Developed a directory of community members by automating processes such as data collection, database storage, data retrieval and analytics, rearranging data for various sections of the book, data correction, Image resizing, full PDF generation etc. Technologies and Tools used are Google Forms, Google Sheet API, Python (Pandas, Numpy, Flask, Matplotlib, Reportlab, Pillow, OpenCV, Sqlite etc).
  • Current Personal Project: Developing a multipurpose NGO software for data collection, retrieval, analytics, automated certificate, report and letter generation. Support for desktop, mobile, and web platforms. Technologies used are Python (Kivy, Tkinter, Flask, PyMongo, Reportlab, etc.), Rust(FLTK).
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