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Unfortunately, that hash tag above did not age well on this platform. As I write answers, questions get closed or deleted by the community faster and so I can't help people. What an irony! What has this platform become?

I am ready to help, but this platform isn't the best place to receive help.

Humans are not efficient. Not because we are not smart, or not able to, but because we do not strive toward the same goals. Because we set ourselves rules to ultimately prevent collaborative efforts. Because we envy power and praise fame.

Diversity and collaborative efforts (i.e. not directed) will always bring higher and better results than any set of rules; where everyone can benefit from the work of others, freely. The key here is common sense. Because efforts are wasted, unless they can benefit the collective and not one self. This is not communism nor socialism, as there are rights of property, as credits go where they belong. This is merely simple wisdom.

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