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117 votes

Is it acceptable to use words like "heaven" and "god" when the narrator is agnostic?

116 votes

Is the "hero guy saves girl" trope misogynistic?

98 votes

Writing a Super Intelligent AI

92 votes

How can I contact JK Rowling for permission to publish my sequel for the Harry Potter series?

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How to get my book taken seriously as a teenager?

77 votes

Is the first page of a novel really that important?

75 votes

How to tell readers that I know my story is factually incorrect?

68 votes

Traits of Bad Writers - Analysing Popular Authors

66 votes

How do we handle pauses in a dialogue?

63 votes

Is it wrong to use the same word multiple times within a few sentences?

61 votes

How do you communicate to people that writing is a job and prevent interruptions?

60 votes

How to write strategy and schemes beyond my real-life capabilities?

59 votes

The seven story archetypes. Are they truly all of them?

55 votes

Is it okay to kill off a main LGBT love interest?

54 votes

How to *show* a controversial reality without seeming like I'm treating it as acceptable and without stating that this is wrong?

54 votes

What is the most fundamental advice when it comes to writing?

52 votes

How to write dialogue for someone who is intelligent but barely speaks the language?

48 votes

How can I avoid a predictable plot?

47 votes

Using real words from a foreign culture feels like 'Calling a rabbit a "smeerp"'

46 votes

Using fake swear words without them seeming out of place to the reader

44 votes

How to write female characters with agency?

42 votes

How often should I remind my readers of the setting?

40 votes

Need advice about changing character's gender

40 votes

Critique vs nitpicking

40 votes

How do I write a shriek?

38 votes

How can one write good dialogue in a story without sounding wooden?

37 votes

Grammarly editing my effects, should I keep them or listen to Grammarly?

36 votes

How do discovery writers hibernate?

34 votes

How to write a chaotic neutral protagonist and prevent my readers from thinking they are evil?

33 votes

Is it bad if I don't like the "best" books in my chosen genre?

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