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How to verify anonymous sources in journalism?
2 votes

When it comes to naming an anonymous source, the AP Stylebook’s rule is to be as descriptive as possible, without being specific. The reporter must be as descriptive as possible when providing ...

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How do I handle English speaking where the language used isn't English but is translated in it?
0 votes

One technique for this I remember from James Clavell’s book Shogun is for characters speaking in non-English languages would use words, grammar and sentence structures of that language, in as far as ...

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Can I retell a popular manga series as a novel and query it to an agent?
1 votes

Disclaimer: I’m not a lawyer, but spotting media law problems is a big chunk of my work. What you are proposing is definitely a breach of copyright laws, and could get you sued if your work was ...

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What editor can I use for world building that has a tree-like structure for my files?
5 votes

Give Scrivener a try. It’s designed for long-form writing, such as novels, screenplays and dissertations. Each Scrivener file contains multiple documents: the stuff you write and other files you ...

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Creative license to invent a sibling to a historical figure?
10 votes

Personally, I wouldn’t have a problem with your proposal. Your description is of a fictional work, set in a real, historical setting: not a biography of a historical figure. And it seems you have a ...

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