A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

Short form writing, often focused on the aesthetics of words as much as the meaning. This tag should be used for any questions relating to poems, including poetry formatting and technique, poetry crit…
232 questions
should be used for questions about the act of creating elements for your own fictional world that you will use in your creative writing. If you are considering asking a question about world-b…
230 questions
Essays are generally scholarly pieces of writing giving the author's own argument, but the definition is vague, overlapping with those of an article, a pamphlet and a short story.
203 questions
Questions about how to conduct research, and how to incorporate your research into your writing.
191 questions
Questions about how to publicize and promote your work.
177 questions
Questions about changing work from one language to another.
176 questions
Questions about writing in specific genres, such as science fiction, or about genres in general.
155 questions
for questions about usage of PoV in novels. Use the 'viewpoint' tag if your question is about the grammatical viewpoints (first, third, etc.), which to u…
143 questions
Questions about grammatical persons (first person, third person, etc.) and how to use them.
133 questions
Questions about blogs and blogging.
126 questions
should be used for questions about writer's block, a condition where you can't produce anything new anymore or it takes you significantly more effort to produce something of lower quality tha…
124 questions
Plagiarism is the use of the ideas and words of another passed off as one's own. Issues here include similarity of work, theme, and characters. Plagiarism is not always a crime, but in academia and in…
123 questions
for questions about how to write quotes, or common practices specific to quotes.
123 questions
'Setting' refers to the stage a story is told upon. This is usually defined as a location for the story, but it can also include feelings, events, and even central objects. Anything the story is groun…
119 questions
should be used for questions about the process of writing a certain work.
115 questions
should be used for questions about a scene in a written work, such as a [novel] or a [screenplay].
114 questions
should be used for questions about using grammatical tenses in your work, such as questions about the correct usage of tenses or about the effect that certain tenses have on the reader's feel…
112 questions
Issues that specifically target readers, marketing to particular sets of readers
111 questions
Questions about the point of view of the narrator of a work.
111 questions
should be used for questions that deal with the management of ideas in the process of writing your work.
108 questions
Writing for comic books, graphic novels, manga, etc.
103 questions
Questions related to the Modern Language Association (MLA) writing and formatting style
102 questions
should be used for questions about the [technique] of "Show, don't tell!" The goal of this technique is to allow the reader to experience the story through senses and feelings instead of only…
100 questions
For questions about problems you encounter while working on the title of your literary work, such as legal questions about the copyright, style questions about capitalizing words in the title, process…
97 questions
Writing for business.
94 questions
should be used for questions about the usage of perspective in different kinds of writing, such as when you are having problems with showing the emotional perspective of your protagonist to y…
94 questions
Is paper going out of style? Questions about creating electronic books.
89 questions
should be used for questions that deal with the genre "romance", either the historical version that is mainly concerned with heroic prose and verse narrative or the modern genre that is conce…
88 questions
should be used for style guides, ethics and common practices relating to publishing of papers in a scientific context.
87 questions
should be used for questions about series of written works, such as series of books, videogame scripts or graphic novels. The questions should detail what aspect of a story is difficult, such…
87 questions
should be used for questions about common terminology related to the craft writing or how terminology is handled in writing. Do not use this tag to ask about terminology of specific topics th…
85 questions
81 questions
Writing or editing copy for the web. Questions about creating or maintaining websites are off topic here.
80 questions
should be used for questions about structuring your sentences in certain genres or for certain characters in your writing.
80 questions
should be used for questions relating to the usage of a narrator in your own fictional writing.
80 questions
Publisher is the person responsible for the act of publishing. This tag is meant to be used with the specifics of publisher tasks, questions, and best practices, while the publishing tag is related…
78 questions
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