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Sometimes I promise myself a reward. "I can (indulge in XX) when I have written 300/500/1000 words." Sometimes I make a to-do list first. Making a list is easy enough. 1. write 1000 words. 2. mundane other task. 3. mundane other task. 4. Plot out next chapter. 5. etc. (cross out items as they are done.) Sometimes I do something writing-adjacent. Critique ...


Procrastination is as much as part of this job as creativity. We all do it. Writing isn't easy most of the time, and most of the time, I'd rather be washing my husband's underpants than writing a difficult scene. But, when I don't write, I feel awful. It's a double-edged sword! TOOLS I use two tools to keep myself on track: SCRIVENER Not only is ...


I'm not sure if I'm understanding your question correctly - you want certain grammatical blocks to be colour-coded, just like key words are in IDEs? I believe it's actually possible define a custom syntax highlighting. (Syntax highlighting - a feature of text editors that are used for programming, scripting, or markup languages, such as HTML. The feature ...


I want to mention Confluence Wiki ( ) as it supports editing the same Wiki page where you see the cursor of the other Editors as well what they are typing. For less than 10 users the licence is 10$ single payment (which gets donated) - and can be setup on your own server. You could create one Wiki page per ...


Another alternative (if you are not afraid to use LaTeX) would be Overleaf. While a learning curve exists you can layout documents beautifully with it. I come from an engineering background where special characters and formulas are needed on a regular basis. We used Overleaf within our team to work on several parts of our document simultaneously. Not for ...


Depending what you mean by 'online', there's Gobby


Depending on what you use for writing, you should consider git. With LaTeX it works like a charm, each of you can create his own branch and merge when he finishes a chapter/ paragraph. Git will keep track automatically about who made which changes. And with git diff every change will be highlighted for you.


Depending on your requirements, something more lightweight like etherpad might fit your needs. It offers basic formatting functionality like headings, bold and italic. It's very customizable and if you host it yourself you don't have to give your data to any external company. You can look here for a demo.


This sounds like Google Docs, perhaps combined with Trello (for the Kanban board and calendar view), would do for you. It's got live updating -- I don't think it tracks edits by author exactly, so you could agree on a convention -- like my students on one team devised a rule where each of them owned 2 colors. (4 students, so like light blue and dark blue ...


Only tool I can think of would be Google docs. You can have multiple people writing in a document at the same time and see where their cursor is, there is no color coding on who's typing by default. You can enter what's called "suggestion mode" where changes you add are not validated immediately but merely appear highlighted to your color, allowing the ...

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