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Sometimes I promise myself a reward. "I can (indulge in XX) when I have written 300/500/1000 words." Sometimes I make a to-do list first. Making a list is easy enough. 1. write 1000 words. 2. mundane other task. 3. mundane other task. 4. Plot out next chapter. 5. etc. (cross out items as they are done.) Sometimes I do something writing-adjacent. Critique ...


Procrastination is as much as part of this job as creativity. We all do it. Writing isn't easy most of the time, and most of the time, I'd rather be washing my husband's underpants than writing a difficult scene. But, when I don't write, I feel awful. It's a double-edged sword! TOOLS I use two tools to keep myself on track: SCRIVENER Not only is ...

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