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Common, repeatable methods of achieving particular storytelling effects or of avoiding narrative pitfalls.

"Technique" is literally a method, a way of doing something. "Writing techniques" refers to the methods, tricks of trade, conventions and guidelines that writers use to solve specific problems while plotting a story or writing a scene.

This tag is appropriate for questions seeking a general solution to a specific, common issue concerning the content of the story (or the planning and construction of it), or questions examining a specific solution in greater detail. It is less appropriate for broad issues ("Where can I look for story ideas?"; "How do I improve my prose?"), or issues that deal with anything other than the actual story content ("What are good techniques for finding an agent?" or "What are good techniques to encourage myself to write?" may seem appropriate, but do not strictly fall under the category of "writing technique").

If you are looking for helpful techniques, be sure to explain clearly the issue you would like the technique to help with.

If you are asking a question about an existing technique, be sure to explain clearly what the technique is (possibly with a link to a thorough definition).