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How to reference an ISO/IEC?

Use the "standard number" for the "author" field, this gives a good reference in various citation systems. Example: @standard{62840-2, author = {IEC62840-2}, date-added = {2024-06-...
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'input-file' and 'output-file' vs. 'source-file' and 'target-file' as generic names

When explaining programming it is often helpful to use "speaking" names, that is, names that explain the named object, just as you did. Meaningful names make it easier for the reader to ...
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I’m back in graduate school and I’m struggling with writing APA. What’s the best way to learn?

Practice, if the question is about citations. Just barge on ahead, doing what you recall is the format, or check it each time. Eventually, It gets easier/more intuitive/more accurate . . . with time ...
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