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If you're writing romance, you'll need to embrace the tropes. Romances have one conflict: something artificial is keeping these two people apart. Virtually every device for doing that has been written: a misunderstanding, an existing relationship, an earlier relationship with the same person, feuding parents, misaligned career goals, differing ethnic or ...


Short answer: yes. If something feels clichéd, and you don't like that, one way to freshen it up is to throw another trope or cliché into the mix. You can think of this as an exercise in lateral thinking, a way to challenge your brain into coming up with creative ideas. For instance, if you combine a love triangle with the initial animosity (your first two ...


Also, reading a lot of material can stimulate creativity and show tropes being used in new ways. Tropes can be impossible to avoid, in my experience, but reading different kinds of stories can throw new elements into your brain. Maybe you'll get ideas from expanding your horizons?

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