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Is there a better style guide?

This isn't really an answer, it doesn't suggest any particular style guide. It's an extended comment, and might help the asker of the question (and any other readers) save money by not buying another ...
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Appropriate Prose Style for a Personal Letter

What kind of style is appropriate for a personal letter is between the sender and the recipient. On the rare occasions that I still write anything resembling a personal letter, I usually do so in an ...
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Explicitly correcting yourself while writing - how appropriate is it ?

I'd propose it can be used to build trust between the reader and narrator (or author). Consider the start of Walden, "When I wrote the following words, or rather the bulk of them . . ." Of ...
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How do I use writing techniques more purposefully?

My first advice for better writing is always more reading; reading material that is in the same stylistic family, in terms of content/genre but also and more importantly technique, as what you want to ...
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Is there a better style guide?

I'd like to correct your assumption that you can develop a literary style by following a style guide. Strunk's The Elements of Style was primarily written to teach writing non-fiction. It was first ...
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