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Terza rima In poetry this form is known as terza rima, and also called "tercet form" or "three-line stanza form," which typically goes ABABCB, CDCDED, ... You can see a very famous example of terza rima in Dante's Divine Comedy, and in fact many claim the form was invented by him. Here's another example from "Acquainted With The ...


The opening paragraph for the entire novel definitely ought to be something for which you are specifically aiming at bang-on and flavorful, leading into the setting that will start off the first action. But as a writer, I would not recommend that it is necessary to attempt something overly grand at the introduction of every chapter. Here are some guidelines ...


Out of the two, I think vocabulary is easier to tackle. I used to actively learn new words and their meaning. Although, the site itself is good. I would recommend to either write down the words and their short meaning in a notebook or an excel table. The words you write should either be the words you found useful, or words that you might have ...


Well, The sun shone, the grass grew, the waves crashed. It's odd advice from Chekov. The following are from Chekov's short story "The Witch": And the wind staggered like a drunkard. The snowdrifts were covered with a thin coating of ice; tears quivered on them and on the trees; I supposed he might be saying there's good and bad anthropomorphism.

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