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There is no one single "high school essay" structure. And it's true that some of the structures we learn for writing in high school can be useful throughout life. There may indeed be times in the future where you'll productively fall back on the list-style format you've described. With that said, an important part of any writing is knowing your ...


An important concept to consider is the idea of plot promises (see for example this video by Brandon Sanderson if you're not familiar with the idea). By introducing an unexplained event, you're implicitly promising that it will be explained by the end of the story. If it isn't, your readers may be unsatisfied.


Both Both structures fit your story. That's probably because they are both very similar and were both designed to fit very broadly the most common type of character arcs (that we follow naturally). But I think you are approaching these structures the wrong way... They are character path structures, not narrative structures. A given character's journey could ...

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