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Scansion tool for checking my meter

Zeuscansion is available at Github now, although you have to download and set up its components. I don't see anyone who has it available for easy use online. Ditto with Prosodic from another coder at ...
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What would be a good way of electronically organizing my aphorisms?

Here are some thoughts on this 6 years later: Obsidian is an incredibly powerful and flexible application for notes and creating a digital brain. I use it myself and love it. The many plugins mean you ...
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How to set up page view in Scrivener?

First make sure you're writing on a new text rather than a scene because Page View will not work for scene. Once you're on your new text, go to View, then Text Editing, and one of the options will be ...
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Why is the standard screenplay format just plain ASCII? Why don't use LaTeX or Word?

There's also a format called fountain, which is based on markdown, that can serve both purposes: Preserving the typewriting-like style Still be human-readable While also be machine-readable without ...
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Are there any syllable-counting applications for poety writing?

This software exists. It is available for macOS and iOS. It is called Lyrcs. The website to learn more is https://lyrcs.app/ Some of the features are: syllable counting rhyme highlighting rhyme ...
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