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Things that your character is not aware of can not appear in the story. If you wish to stick to a first-person single point of view, you have to make the character aware of the event somehow -- even if you have the character interrupt people arguing about it and be more annoyed than interested.


Warning: This answer is very long — much longer than I was expecting it to be at any rate, so may take some time. Hopefully the content justifies the length. Short story ideas are inherently different from novel ideas, so it may not be possible to adapt one into a full-length book unless you have a sure-fire direction to take it. Such an exercise would also ...


Different Trope: Hannibal Lecter and Dracula I think that if you want to have your horror villain become more of a character and less of a stereotype, you need to look to a different kind of horror villain. As your audience moves from being scared of your villain to empathizing with them, the intrinsic horror needs to become less random and more intimate. In ...

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