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The best general-purpose answer would be for you to just go observe recess at a local school of the right age group from the correct side of the fence. But if that's not really do-able: Usually there are several different groups of students playing at specific things. Depends on age of students currently in recess. Taking a couple of 4th-grade elementary ...


I have never written a movie script, but that said, I don't see what the point would be of a script specifying how symbols should be interpreted. Suppose you write in your script, say, "When Sally sees that the flowers have died, she realizes that this is a symbol of how all of her relationships have died." That might be a good line in a novel, but how would ...


Sorry, you simply do not do this. Your script is a blueprint for the director to build a house; the blueprint doesn't contain instructions on painting and decorating the house. The director will determine the camera angles, how long an object appears on screen, IF your scene as written appears on screen, everything you want to do. Famous advice from ...


I have never written a screenplay, so take this with a grain of salt. But from the few screenplays that I have read, I can tell that they often have quite a lot of detail. So if you want to have symbolism in your screenplay, just add descriptions as necessary. You can also add suggestions for the camera work, but I would not go into too much detail here, ...


There is no "standard format" because that version would never be published. Formatted scripts are printed for actors and necessary crew. They include only the information that is necessary to do their job. Please read the answers here: Shots in a spec script? Keep your scene notes in a separate document. There's a "frame challenge" to your question. A ...


I read somewhere that sounds do not need to always be in caps, but rather only sounds which will add to the experience of reading the script, as if you were watching the film. In other words, it's a stylistic choice. However, I did previously read that all sounds should be in caps, so possibly that is outdated?

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