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Get cozy at your local library. Before the internet, this is where we all did our research. As long as it's a well-stocked library, there should be plenty of books on the basics of explosives. Use the central library where you live, not a branch. If your central library (or only library) isn't very good, go to a larger city if there's one within an easy ...


I do the same thing. This is how I've handled it. My novel is set in a variety of places and my aim is to use real places when feasible and realistic places when not. By coincidence, I also have a need for a central European train station, though one less modern and different from yours. I had the station I needed in my head then looked for a real one to ...


Place it where you want. Give it the features you want. Make up the name. Don't say a real place is like what you want if it isn't. I have used Google Maps and Street View to locate actual places. However, when I couldn't find a military base of the design I wanted in the location I needed, I made up one based on the features of another I have seen several ...

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