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Considering you are describing situations where serious injuries happen without the proper equipment (or people) available to treat them, there is a field of expertise very familiar with this problem: military field medicine. Soldiers get injured all the time on patrols or in the heat of battles, sometimes very far away from the medical facilities that can ...


Read a textbook on forensic science. They cover all the fun topics like: if ripped apart with a nail, which direction does the skin shear was she really raped bullet exit wounds hacked apart cadavers this was the first 20 pages. Find it at a bookstore near a medical doctor university or online.


The question is, why do wars occur? Some would say that we as a species are inherently violent and have no choice but to fight. Some would say that the motivation is economic and that war is a way to obtain resources (land, gold, slaves, etc) that is easier than through peaceful means. Some would say that war springs from intellectual, philosophical and ...

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