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It will depend on the publisher. If you have a publisher in mind, it may be best to just ask them. Some examples: Sage Publishing welcomes LaTeX submissions ASCE on the other hand does not, they want MS word with MathType CRC Press also supports LaTeX I haven't been able to find it for every publisher I tried, but with some digging you can find it half the ...


In an interview, Stephen Fry (who has recorded the audio-book versions of the Harry Potter series from the start) recalled how, at a book-signing that J.K. Rowling was doing, there were representatives of her publishers who would make sure that if anyone tried to hand her a letter or manuscript, they would snatch it out of the fan's hands before she could ...


I'm sorry, but the chances of JK Rowling letting an amateur, unpublished writer use her ideas is zero. She and her partners have billions of dollars riding on the HP franchise. If she is tired of writing it, she might be interested in some collaboration with a best-selling novel author or screenplay writer she personally enjoys and admires and has worked ...


If it is paperback from amazon, then You can get it made. My books are paperback and kindle, and I can get them printed on demand. I am a self-publisher (JesperSB on Amazon), so it might be different from You. Unless the contract says so, You could also just put it up, as a self publish.


It entirely depends on the details of the contract. Certainly a substantial part of the text is repeated, but the contract needs to spell out what rights are involved. On one hand, non competing products. On the other, publishers are notorious for rights grabs.

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