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Ligatures in modern novels - A Publishers perspective?

There's a difference between typographic ligatures (also called stylistic ligatures), such as fi, fl, ffi, and ct which are seen in some typefaces, and lexical ligatures, such as æ and œ. The latter ...
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Ligatures in modern novels - A Publishers perspective?

In digital printing, how ligatures work is part of the font definition. To get an idea of to what extent you can push that, have a look at "Sans Bullshit Sans", a font that replaces entire ...
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Can I take the text of my own already published book (ebook & POD), amend & improve it, add new title and cover pic, and self-publish as a new book?

This entirely depends on the details of the contract. If you signed an abusive contract, you may never be able to legally publish it again. If you signed a good one but it's still in print, you ...
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Is it possible for an author to publish an online course based on their published book?

This is going to depend on the detailed language used in the actual contract, and my understanding is that such contracts vary widely. In many cases the language may well be negotiable, particularly ...
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