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@wetcircuit has some really good points that you should consider. I'm going to attempt to answer your question more directly, however. I'm going to use Scribophile as my example but I believe other sites work similarly. Scribophile has forums, where you can ask question but, in some ways more importantly, you can just read other people's questions and ...


This may sound wishy-washy but it comes from having my own understanding of poetry continue to grow over the years. I think if the writer intends what they are writing to be a poem, and lacking any strong evidence that it is something else (like a script), then it can probably be considered a poem. There are prose poems and many styles (including ones ...


The problem here is that you're trying to combine two different approaches to poetry together, and perhaps in the wrong order. Your rough draft takes an intuitive approach, listening for the inner music of the poem. Your final draft is structured and rule-obeying, but it's comparatively clunky and infelicitous. Try swapping 3 and 4. Write to rule in ...


TLDR: There may not actually be a caesura in the original poem at that line. The author certainly didn't indicate one by a punctuation mark. However, some modern poets do indicate caesuras, usually (in the cases that I have seen) by putting two spaces between words rather than by using punctuation. In modern poetry, you are allowed to do pretty much anything ...


According to Poetry Express (, in free verse poems, stanzas of irregular size can be called "verse paragraphs." Though in your example, the first two stanzas are both 9 lines (including blank lines) which makes regular stanzas from what I can see, albeit I have not seen the rest of the poem.


Exchanging links with websites that you think are good, have useful info, etc. is a reasonable approach. I would not try a link exchange with a site that is a free-for-all, disorganized, and so on, because you want your site associated with positive, value-added experience. Email the owner of the site, provide your links, and ask if they are willing to do an ...

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