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I would not write the history. The history is background and setting; some of that will necessarily come out in the first ACT (about 25% of the story) and more can be revealed in the rest of the book as you go along. You also don't need a complete history of your main character, or the other characters. You need enough so you feel like you know the MC and ...


My tip to you is to come up with an template. You can get creative with it, but it's the only way that you can stay organized. List the title, a section for the characters, and then, depending on your structure (3-arch etc.), a layout for your story scenes. Even if it's just a loose template, it will work.


There are many ways of outlining. Here's a suggestion for those who have 'outline allergies'. Write the first chapter (or the first two). This will get you inside the skin of the characters and will get you excited. Now, pause and make a list of the main things you want to happen. Don't be detailed, but feel free to add a few details if they come to you. ...


Write the first episode as a pilot – the first episode can stand as a 1-off that represents the tone of the show. Your priority is to finish this episode and get it produced. The pilot is not an origins story, or a slow build up where we meet these characters and learn about their backstories. The pilot needs to be almost in medias res, with your character(...

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