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I would print your work on paper with a watermark (name reviewer on each page). Have the reviewer sign an NDA and ask for the physical version back once done. Very unpractical and they can always scan it. But it will pose “some” barriers.


Proof of ownership If you want proof the text was written by you, you could print it, post it to yourself and keep the envelope unopened. The postage stamp should provide evidence of when you had a complete manuscript. You may even want to send it as a recommended letter. Maybe having some witnesses certifying in print that you wrote the text might also work....


Your book is going to be stolen. Just get used to that. Sometimes they are stolen from the printer with the camera-ready pages (or PDFs nowadays). Some of my books were on pirate sites before they were on shelves. It's not even like these people want these particular books, but they compete with their friends on numbers. See Ebook Piracy Is Rampant And ...


The law is your friend: Legally, the work does belong to you. Once you start freely distributing it in places where you are clearly giving up control, good luck enforcing that. Copyright doesn't require you to fill any paperwork to be legal. If the book gets into a public environment, though, it's really hard to stop people who aren't making money off of it ...

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