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You can rely on the languages of the real world that are influenced by a certain culture your nation is based on. This is what a lot of fictional works that are based on medieval times do, or even those that are based on ancient China, Japan, etc. Always take inspiration from the real world because it never fails to help.


No, But Be Careful When Using Invocation: I can't really dispute Sciborg's answer, but I do think it deserves an addendum. The use of German or Latin place names, characters, etc. can be completely coincidental, OR it can be used intentionally to create color for your setting. Using names of a places and people from a certain culture tends to evoke thoughts ...


No. As with most things when it comes to writing, you are the author, and you can make whatever worldbuilding decisions you want without having to justify all of them. If your characters all have traditionally German and Latin names, then that's what they have. If they have Asian, African or French names, that's what they have. That's all there is to it. ...


Well, I had the same problem you and I did to change the first name to something like Joe, William, etc. and call him/her by that and leave weird words for the middle name and the last name. By the way, I suggest calling your character "Rose" or "Jade"


I don't particularly like the name Jovanne and I feel like it would be strange for readers to have to repeatedly keep reading it. I'd hazard to guess that if you, the author writing this character, don't particularly like the character's name, and you feel like the audience won't either, you should change it to a name that you do like. Possibly you have ...


Copyright does not protect single words or short phrases, such as book or film titles. Trademark law can, but there are limitations. A trademark only protects a name used in trade, that is used to sell or advertise something, or indicate the source of something being sold or promoted for sale. It protects against someone else using the same mark, or a ...

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