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Should non-English organizations/ministries/governments (as authors) be translated into English in APA 7th edition citations?

No. Do not translate the names of authors. You only translate the title of the work (in square brackets after the original title; do not italicize the translated title) and you transliterate non-Latin ...
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Can I use a song lyric as the title of my theatre production?

There are two principles in copyright law that seem most germane to your question. Lyrics are rigorously protected by copyright since by their nature they are very creative. But, the notion that dying ...
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How to write character names in mystery novel where they are supposed to have their mind erased?

I've written a story like this before. As my characters were journeying to the place that they all have an incredibly vague memory of being "Home", they nickname each other after scenarios ...
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First name or last name(s) in a biography?

I assume the book will be marketed as a biography of the famous actor and will likely have that name in the title or subtitle, and certainly in the blurb. And that will be the name for which your ...
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