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Why would a movie studio pay for a script?

Because litigation is expensive, both in terms of actual dollars but in terms of reputation. Harlan Ellison's threat of litigation was enough to get him an undisclosed cash settlement and an ...
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Why would a movie studio pay for a script?

I see what you're saying, maybe, but if you change the setting and characters then all you have is a premise that falls within a genre. There are a limited number of each of those but an infinite ...
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Self published cost of books as a tax deduction

Production costs are part of the cost of goods sold calculation you apply when working out the taxable portion of the inventory as it is sold. If Amazon pay you as soon as they receive the books then ...
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How much do you get for publishing an article in the newspaper?

Freelancers (writers who aren't employees but get paid for writing assigned articles) get paid differently than contest winners, when a publication has solicited entries from the public. Freelancers ...
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