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Real names Real human names with counterintuitive pronunciation should be used for artistic integrity if nothing else. However, as a children's writer, educating children is your job, too. Provide correct pronunciation straight away in the footnotes at the name's first appearance. Don't use the International Phonetic Alphabet; instead, imitate the correct ...


While I generally agree with "don't worry if the reader can pronounce a word or not", I'd like to point out that having a letter that's not available on the "standard" keyboard makes a bigger difference than your typical hard-to-spell name. There was a Siobhan in my classes in middle school, and while I wouldn't be surprised if her name was actually Siobhán,...


There's a MasterClass from Judy Blume on creating stories for kids which might be useful to you as well as R. L. Stine's class.

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