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This partly depends on other decisions you're making (or have already made) during the translation process. If the setting of the novel is not meant to be especially Nordic (e.g. if the original is set in Scandinavia but you're going to set the translated version in America, or if it's set in a fantasy world which isn't associated with any particular real-...


Check this great summary on how to use the different tenses in english I can also advise you to use Grammarly to check your overall document, style, grammar and spelling. The free version is interesting, and if you need more there is a paid version. I hope this will help !


I looked for an App that would provide the nikud (vowels) to words I was using to create a glossary. However, once I had the words in that form, I could no longer sort them (as we can tell from these questions). However, the same App, https://nakdan.dicta.org.il/ also allows the user to select the "modern Hebrew" version, and if you click on לחץ כאן (...

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