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Language of other countries

I assume that you are writing in English and that the characters in your story speak Romanian. Conventionally, if you want your characters to use a non-English term, you would explain it to your ...
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Language of other countries

Readers almost certainly won't get confused, because a person's name is not always the same as what people call that person. If they do get confused, you can fix it easily enough. For example, most ...
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Language of other countries

You can do it like that, but if everyone calls her Bunica (which I assume means grandmother), there's no reason why you should be afraid of being consistent and calling her Bunica in the narrative too....
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How do I make my characters sound British?

Read Sherlock Holmes, Agatha Christie, watch British films or sitcoms, also Dr Who sci-fi; note the difference between British and American sci-fi.
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