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This is the technological equivalent of the old urban legend that you should mail yourself a copy and use the cancellation to prove the date. This is known as poor man's copyright and it has no legal value. For one thing, it doesn't prove the work was original with you. You have to register if you want the protection.


I see two questions here. First, the question in your body. I want to be able to focus on just 1 story, and actually finish it. Any advice? Go until you get distracted, then move to the next idea and circle around again. This is rather common, and is what I do. Switching between stories keeps you writing, and if something doesn't quite seem like it fits in ...


Email can provide a good enough timestamp for the file, proving that you were (or rather your account was) in possession of it at that time, assuming that you can still log into the account to see that. Given that the email server is hosted by Google, there is next to no chance that you would have been able to tamper with the timestamps on their end, and I ...


Is it possible that you're naturally a short story writer? Even if you aren't, I'd recommend that try to write something that works as a complete short story, and then work your way up to longer fiction (if that's still something you want to pursue). There are venues that specialize in short fiction of all lengths, from 6 words long up to about 5000 (which ...

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