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The answer to this question is actually neither of your thoughts. When a character talks directly to the camera and isn't in first person, it is called breaking the 4th wall. You can most commonly see this in sitcoms such as "Call Me Kat", where the main character Kat, is constantly breaking the fourth wall to talk to the audience and making funny ...


"When the main character talks to the camera, is that 3rd person or another technical term for point of view?" No – it is neither of those things. "Point of view" usually refers to the point of view of the narrator, which can be omniscient, limited third-person, first-person, etc. If a character breaks the fourth wall in a film – I ...


For a character to reveal private thoughts by talking is a soliloquy. The pretext is that the character is just thinking but has to talk so the audience knows them. On the other hand, if you mean the character addresses the camera as the proxy for the audience, the character is breaking the fourth wall -- that is, showing awareness that it is a fictional ...


This sounds like the TV trope Breaking the Fourth Wall: tvtropes - Breaking The Fourth Wall But the precise thing that you remember might be a related trope. In the sitcom Liv and Maddie, the characters would often talk to the audience to explain what they felt or thought. And those are called Confession Cam segments: tvtropes - Confession Cam

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