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Many comic books already do this where the picture and spoken dialog is third person but the text box (typically for the story narrator) are often in first person. Notable examples would be the "Ultimate Spider-man" line where Spidey's internal monolog is contained in Text Boxes, "Superman/Batman" where two different colored text boxes ...


I don't see why you can't do this. There is no rule saying you can't. It's all about execution, really. How well you pull it off. These things can be jarring to the reader if not done correctly. Basically, any time you change a primary element of your writing style, you need to be careful. But again, there is nothing that says you CAN'T do it at all. It's ...


There's no reason you can't do this. I have an (unpublished) essay that follows a similar format which garnered a number of personalized rejections and the only comments on mixing first/third person were positive. As with anything artistic, the key question is how well you manage the execution.

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