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Within the figure description itself, just use (i), (ii), (iii), etc.or (A), (B), (C), (D) to save space. In the text of your paper, refer to Figure 2(i), Figure 2(ii), or Figure 2(A), Figure 2(B). As in (for figure description): Figure 2: (A) reflex, (B) recoil As in (for body text): In Figure 2(A) we see the reflex action of the potential, while ...


Using the simple expression: Figure 2(i) shows cycle C is succinct and conveys the required meaning. It is usually preferable to keep such references short and you will see many such examples in the literature. The extraneous words used in your other suggestions add nothing to your intentions.


I looked for an App that would provide the nikud (vowels) to words I was using to create a glossary. However, once I had the words in that form, I could no longer sort them (as we can tell from these questions). However, the same App, https://nakdan.dicta.org.il/ also allows the user to select the "modern Hebrew" version, and if you click on לחץ כאן (...

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