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What are ways that a character can acquire psychic powers?

You can have exposure to high psychic energy Lots of training Trauma Some Darkhold-type ritual Venom-type symbiote, but psychic Born with it
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What is illegal or will make sure you don't get published?

This is a very broad question to answer, but here are some thoughts for further deliberation. Is it publishable? If you look at what's published you might find genres such as crime and horror that ...
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Writing a Super Intelligent AI

Part of the problem is a human can't fully comprehend how a super-intelligent AI would think. If the AI is "super-intelligent", it doesn't mean it has to think and act like a human in every ...
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Could I use non-English characters and expressions in a novel?

There Are No Rules If you're writing creative fiction then any question that starts with "Can I write..." will always have the same answer: yes. There are no rules about how to write ...
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