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Blending First and Third Person: A Wording Question

You are writing in a viewpoint that is similar to first person omniscient in pronouns, tenses, etc. The only difference is that the omniscience is limited. We can imagine that the first person ...
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Can I switch the POV of a main character?

Unless your plan is to consistenly have this new POV alternate between your original one from the halway point of the story, or from the very beginning, I wouldn't suggest it. If there's suddenly a ...
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How do I make a situation that looks like a planet will be destroyed, but without actually destroying it?

Maybe you should watch or read stories where a planet is in danger of being destroyed but isn't. Like Star Wars, for example. Or the Star Trek episode "The Alternative Factor", where two ...
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Should I flesh out the start of my fictional story?

This is not foreshadowing. Unfortunately, for American audiences, calling out "Marco" is comical; it is reminiscent of the childhood game "Marco Polo", a call and response game ...
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Should I flesh out the start of my fictional story?

If I understand it right, you've written the first scene that's supposed to foreshadow later events, but not yet the later events themselves. You're best equiped to write a good foreshadowing if you ...
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Is there a format to write a good treasure hunt story?

General Plot plot = characters + problem + plot twist + conclusion Treasure Hunt Plot For treasure hunt stories you would swap the problem with the prize: plot = characters + treasure + plot twist + ...
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