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How can I recognize and take constructive criticism?

There are stories that aren't written for the majority of people but for a small(er) subset of them. Not everyone likes steampunk, for example, and there are niches beside the larger mainstream genres ...
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How can I recognize and take constructive criticism?

I think you don't understand the author's job. The author of a story imagines the situation, the scenes, the characters, and their personalities, and does the engineering to turn this into a coherent ...
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Where can I get a feedback for my lyrics from native english speaker?

After you have asked a few more questions here, you could join the chatroom at EL&U. The people there are quite friendly and might give you useful feedback. You'd need to join in with them on ...
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Does this poem stand up to the rules of poetry?

Roses a Red Violets are blue Some poems rhyme But this one don't -My Father Poems do not have to rhyme. The Haiku, for example, rarely has a rhyme and instead favors a syllabic consistent (Three ...
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