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Critical writing is what non-technical people think passes for analysis. What you need is systems thinking, which analyzes all factors logically. So-called critical thinking is a small subset of systems thinking.


So, quickly, my credentials: When I was in high school (admittedly quite a few years ago), I took both AP English courses, passed with 5s, and wrote many persuasive essays with excellent teachers who frequently had extremely high passing rates. As a high school student and for a few years after, I tutored students for the SAT, including the essay section, ...


If this is an undergraduate course, your instructor has the right idea. I think you're focused a little too much on the ordering part to hear the full idea of what a good thesis statement is. Nothing is communicated with "Enkidu and Grendel have similarities." Any two of anything will contain at least some similarities. I'm not familiar enough with ...

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