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Here’s a few, I’m not sure if they’re particularly British, but I think they might work. Smash hit Crowning achievement Bull’s eye Hole in one Big hit Win Feather in cap Knockout


There is no correct answer. As some have intimated a character's description is only necessary if it's relevant to the story. My personal technique involves giving a reader a vague enough description to remind them of somebody they already know -this goes some way to employing the empathy card. Essentially, the character becomes the reader's character as ...


In general, do not give a laundry list of features. The reason for this is you are asking the reader to memorize a lot of stuff that is disconnected from the story. In order to connect their features to the story, you should have a reason that feature makes a difference: If I picture a short man, I will invent reasons that shortness has some impact on him, ...

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