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All good answers so far. Let me add one concept that helps me: History is written by the victors. Everyone is the hero of their own story. All those people who died along the way did not survive to tell their stories. That's why the protagonist/narrator survives. If he hadn't survived, we would have gone to someone else to relate the events in ...


Much of writing is about making your writing invisible and the reading effortless. For example, many books are printed in a common font that people are used to (and therefore don't notice) and that facilitates easy reading. In the same way, most writers of popular fiction employ a style and use words that people are used to and that they find easy to ...


Adding dialogue tags with adverbs is generally considered poor form and lazy writing because it removes the need for the writer to use dialogue, non-verbal cues, and action that properly conveys the emotion of the character. It is telling the reader how the character feels about what's being said rather than showing it. So, if you remove the lazy dialogue ...

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