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Stories about space, technology, the future, and other things that could be real but aren't.

13 votes

Avoid blending Fantasy and Sci Fi

Blending sci-fi and fantasy is actually quite easy, and can produce some excellent results; consider Steampunk for instance. There are definitely plenty of great examples out there of sci-fi/fantasy …
  • 1,924
6 votes
5 answers

Can we enable readers to connect to far future humanity, without pretending they wouldn’t be...

Everything about our culture has changed so dramatically over the course of the last hundred years that it’s very hard to believe that we’d be the same as we are now in five hundred years. This is an …
  • 1,924
6 votes

Does this opening somewhat grip the reader?

“Drake? Hey, wake up.” My eyes opened to someone standing over me. She had steel gray eyes and long, black hair that fell to her side. She was young and beautiful yet, she gave off a matu …
  • 1,924
15 votes

What are the pros and cons of building the setting before the characters and story

Sometimes for me, when growing the setting first, I find it generates new characters, details and interactions that lead to a story organically growing out of the exercise. There are many ways to star …
  • 1,924
3 votes

Is there such a thing as a "setting sketch" for a science fiction writing?

It's worth considering the fact that characters are a product of their world, and their world is a product of key characters: I work in IT, working in IT defines a big part of who I am, IT ma …
  • 1,924