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For questions that deal with the representation of the social construct of gender in your writing.

While it's okay to gender your robots if you really feel the need, it's not necessary. The first version with "it" instead of "he" read just fine. It's a bit awkward writing it, as we're trained to … "it" for a pronoun, generally in situations where the gender is unknown (though not always). In this case it's done intentionally to "dehumanize" them. But it doesn't have to be that way, especially in this modern age of non-binary genders. …
answered Aug 4 by Cyn says make Monica whole
, even when you don't think it's happening), so you'll have some lopsidedness. And that's okay. But for any large group where the social gender pressures aren't too extreme, you will have various … your supporting cast. Not everyone is strong, not everyone is independent, but that has little to nothing to do with gender. Write true to life and balance your characters out. That's how to avoid stereotypes. …
answered Apr 1 by Cyn says make Monica whole
I agree with others. Don't change your story to remove diversity because you are worried you can't write those characters. Embrace diversity in your writing and your life. The best way to write a c …
answered Oct 31 '18 by Cyn says make Monica whole
those women can still also do things that only women do, because men don't step up and do them. My advice is to forget about someone existing to represent his or her gender and just write unique … characters. The way to do that is to fully flesh the character out. Every human on this planet is unique once you get to know them well enough. Gender is part of someone's character for sure, and all …
answered Apr 6 by Cyn says make Monica whole
It's extremely important for media to depict people out of the gender/sexuality mainstream as normal. So your best bet is to do exactly that: have a diversity of characters and show it all as … , once people get over the "shock" and get used to the pronouns, names, etc, it's all just part of everyday life. If you find your characters having long philosophical discussions about gender and …
answered Jan 5 by Cyn says make Monica whole
requiring higher education). The author of this nonfiction book chose this path because these were people whose stories had not been told. If it were really the case that media depictions of gender were …
answered Feb 7 by Cyn says make Monica whole