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"Creative writing" is a vague term, but generally means fiction, or writing that's not non-fiction, technical, or business writing. This tag should be used when asking questions that apply to multiple categories of creative writing, such as when asking questions that could apply to fiction or poetry alike.

In the words of a teacher of mine, it depends. Generally speaking, the actions should convey the emotions, but let's be honest: an action can signify different emotions. Sometimes even opposite ones. …
answered May 9 '17 by SC for reinstatement of Monica
My novel technically has two inciting incidents: One in the first chapter, and another five chapters later. The later incident really kicks off the story. So... that makes me think that the first …
answered May 10 '17 by SC for reinstatement of Monica
I have this happen to me quite a lot. It usually implies research. Very often I want some event to happen but, since I've never been through similar events, I can't visualise what would naturally ha …
answered Mar 19 '17 by SC for reinstatement of Monica
I'm writing a chapter that must illustrate: the character's feelings upon returning (for a short period) to their homeland after living abroad (and believing they'd never return), to where the chara …
asked May 22 '17 by SC for reinstatement of Monica
a character who is morally neutral, straight in the middle when I think of someone who is completely neutral (neither good or bad and right in the middle), I think of someone who only values h …
answered Mar 15 '19 by SC for reinstatement of Monica
how do you stay on target if you can only make those sessions short? I don't have a work schedule that allows me to write daily. More often than not, I can have one afternoon in a week when I can …
answered Sep 5 '18 by SC for reinstatement of Monica
I agree with Surtsey, but I'd like to add that it's also a good idea to balance the two. If the external gesture is conscious, feel free to describe it; if the gesture is an instinctive reaction, go w …
answered May 19 '17 by SC for reinstatement of Monica
I'm going to say that it depends. It depends on the message an author wants to transmit and how they write it. Let's say I'm writing a romance. X starts out single and looking for their soulmate and …
answered Sep 8 '19 by SC for reinstatement of Monica
Late comer to the party but... how about swapping stories? I usually have two or three ideas for stories - often completely different genres and all. One month, I can be totally obsessed over one of …
answered Jan 17 '17 by SC for reinstatement of Monica
Before talking about the problems of a first draft, it's important to ask a couple of other questions. What is a first draft? The answer is simple: the first written version of your novel. …
answered Apr 15 '17 by SC for reinstatement of Monica
I wonder if this [opening statement doesn't match conclusion] is permissible in first-person narration where the MC doesn't know what is going to happen at the end of his tale? (Or at least, wants …
answered May 18 '17 by SC for reinstatement of Monica
Besides what @LaurenIpsum mentioned, one can also create a self-insert in order to deal with personal issues through writing, in a cathartic way. This type of self-insert can either go the way of wis …
answered Feb 16 '17 by SC for reinstatement of Monica
I use a combination of tools: for timelines, I use Aeon Timeline. It's a paid software but it works well and there are developments still being wrought which should make it even better. for organis …
answered Jan 30 '17 by SC for reinstatement of Monica
I've got a lot of particulars when it comes to writing. I find that what keeps me working can vary immensely depending on the language I'm writing in, the genre, being on holiday or having to manage a …
answered Jul 26 '18 by SC for reinstatement of Monica
How many elements can you focus on during worldbuilding? From what I've gathered, it's either: Detail almost everything, Tolkien style, even if this delays enormously the publication o …
answered Mar 4 '19 by SC for reinstatement of Monica

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