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'Setting' refers to the stage a story is told upon. This is usually defined as a location for the story, but it can also include feelings, events, and even central objects. Anything the story is grounded in.

I am trying to write novels where the setting plays a large part. I want the setting to naturally and passively show a truth to the reader. Sometimes it is easy to create such a setting, and other … times it seems impossible. This question is about those impossible times. Before I go further, I realize that some of you will want to tell me how I am wrong, and how I should not use setting in this …
asked Nov 7 '17 by Thomas Reinstate Monica Myron
My assumption here is that a novel set in the current time and world seems more realistic to a reader than a novel with a fictional setting. The reader has the ability to say, "that could be true … of realism in a fictional setting as in a current time/place setting? To be clear: I know details add realism. My question is if a real-world setting has a sense of realism that no amount of …
asked Jan 13 '15 by Thomas Reinstate Monica Myron
Note: I define 'setting' as where and when a novel takes place, as well as what the genre entails. It is the background to the picture of the story. I realize there are a lot of factors that … contribute to making bestsellers become bestsellers, and that the list is by no means limited to writing and setting. My concern is with writing versus setting. I've seen some books (which I will not name …
asked Jul 16 '15 by Thomas Reinstate Monica Myron
Allow me to explain what I mean by 'thematic setting'. I'm talking about a setting which, simply by having the story located in it, shows the reader something: ideally a message - or theme - that you … wish to convey to them. You can test a thematic setting by removing the story or plot. If what remains - solely the setting - still shows the message, then you have a thematic setting. Some …
asked Aug 3 '17 by Thomas Reinstate Monica Myron