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Questions about pens, pencils, or other physical instruments used for writing.

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How can I shorten a piece of writing without losing its original essence?

I need to know how to make my writing more brief without maring its original meaning and message. I have been struggling with that for a while, and still cannot do that. It simply seems to me that you ...
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My pen jams up every minute or so whenever I write, what could cause this?

I've been having an issue for the past few months where I'm writing along merrily and then my pen stops up and refuses to put ink down onto the paper, and the only thing that will get it working is a ...
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Suggestions on fine-nibbed fountain pens that retain moisture well, or trouble-shooting of mine, which don't

I grew up in Germany, where we were required to write in fountain pen from second grade on (fourth grade for math). I do dip-pen calligraphy and various kinds of ink-based artwork, as well as writing. ...
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What is the pen used by Francis Underwood (Kevin Spacey) to sign a document in House of Cards S02E13?

At around the 26:50 mark of House of Cards S02E13, Francis Underwood (Kevin Spacey) signs a document. What make/model is the pen that he used? Could be insufficient to answer, but here's the image:
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What type of pen is being used here?

Can someone please tell me what's the pen used here in the below URL called? It looks like a Gel pen, but the text written with it is so sharp:
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How to prevent fountain pen ink from evaporating during winter months?

While using a fountain pen, I noticed that the ink dries up much faster during the winter. I read that it is because of home heaters, which dry up moisture in air and hence causes the ink to evaporate....
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How to identify paper which will blot fountain pen ink?

These days, with fewer people using a fountain pen to write, many notebooks/paper you find blotting the ink. If I am at a store and contemplating to buy a notebook or writing/printing paper, how can ...
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How many writers use fountain pens/dip pens today? [closed]

How often are fountain pens and dip pens are used today by writers, and why do they use them? Or, if applicable, why not?
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