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Writing or editing copy for the web. Questions about creating or maintaining websites are off topic here.

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About sites for amateur writers [duplicate]

Are there any websites were an amateur writer can post a story or parts of a story and for a fee or for free the writing will be posted for a 'while'? (And maybe the story will be 'noticed' by a ...
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Copyright of examples used in books?

I'm getting into non-fiction technical writing (a blog, but potentially ebook or otherwise). Often the best technical advice come from dissecting and synthesising good and bad examples from the ...
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Do you bold punctuation directly after bold text?

Do you bold punctuation directly after bold, linked or italic text?
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How do I cite or give credit to a statistic on a website?

I'm not even sure if I need to since I often see statistics on website and blog posts without a source. Do I need to? And how should I do it? From what I've seen when the source is mentioned, people ...
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Managing genre and rating for a story [closed]

So this website we are building allows users to post stories. Now we have a bunch of tags/genres. I call them tags/genres because they are a predefined list and is basically meant to give the stories ...
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Using Genres and Tags in a writing website [closed]

I am helping a friend of mine create a story website. He says he wants Genre as well as Tags for his site. Implementing Genres is easy enough.- I can have a list like: - Romance - Horror - ...
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How should I capitalise headlines for professional Web writing? (Sentence case vs title case)

I'm often uncertain about how I should capitalise headlines for professional writing on the Web. The two options I'm talking about are: Just capitalise the first word and any other words that would ...
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What is a reasonable amount of time to spend writing a product overview?

I have plenty of writing experience as an academic and as a technician but am new to technical writing per se. A retailer of engineering equipment wants me to write unique, user-friendly content for ...
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Quality over SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages)

I'm an experienced content writer and I write Search Engine friendly content writing. I am sorry to say that most of the people browsing internet consider top 10 results as the best results but then ...
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How do I write for webcomics?

I want to start a webcomic. For this, I expect I'll be doing a lot of writing. I once had someone draw a webcomic based on my writing and it was a nonsensical mess. The art was good, but nobody knew ...
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Spanish writing website?

I am looking for a website that is community based for reviews in spanish. Does someone know anything? The website is to publish stories, narrative, novels, poems and such, that would be reviewed ...
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How to decide whether or not to accept publishing offer for short story?

I am an unpublished writer straight out of college. After graduation, I sent out a few stories to a handful of places-- no more than five or six. It is now about 1.5 months later and I just received a ...
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Is it appropriate to list my website as the publisher of my stories?

Following my question here, I am planning to establish a personal website. It will have basic personal details and synposis of my short stories. The overarching goal will be to use the website to ...
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Which e-book formats to use to get a larger readership?

I am self-publishing a free e-book which I make available in several formats: EPUB, online HTML, PDF. I create (using my own programming scripts) EPUB and online HTML from XHTML sources which I write ...
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Websites that offer book/movie/story analyses useful for writers?

I was wondering if there are any websites that offer analyses of stories, written or otherwise, with the intention to teach people something about writing and storytelling? I realize I can just ...
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How to determine if a freelance writing website is reputable and provides assignments that are worthwhile?

I know of the sites Elance, guru and Odesk for finding freelance writing work. I am interested in finding others. How can I search for them? Is there a list or resource anywhere? When I find sites ...
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What is the proper usage and etiquette for using press releases from an external source on a website?

I recently started a MLB baseball website. On the site, we focus on covering the Kansas City Royals and all of the Royals' minor league affiliate teams. For each minor league affiliate, I receive all ...
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Is Patent text copyrighted?

When using text from articles published in journals and magazine, we need to obtain copyright permission from the copyright owner (publisher or author). I wonder if we need copyright permission when ...
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Dedicated micro website

I recently wrote a non fiction book. A marketer from the publishing company, advised me to setup a small website with a few pages dedicated to this book. This website will have a description of the ...
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What is the new Google Author markup?

What is the new Google Author markup, and how can I use it to build up a reputation as an online writer? How could it possibly work? Using self-declared information has been tried before and of ...
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How to determine rates to charge as a freelance writer

While I have a few articles published, they were easy fixed rates. Today, however, I've received this email (identifying details removed): We need a writer to put together descriptions of ---------...
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Finding freelance work

My partner is trying to get more freelance web copywriting work and as an avid StackOverflow user I thought I would try to see what the fantastic stackexchange community thinks. There has to be ...
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What systems provide easy article submission for websites?

I am a web developer putting together a system for writers/editors to efficiently add — fairly rich — content to a website. I've previously used standard WYSIWYG editors but find that often what you ...
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Where can I publicize a website I have developed for writers?

I am not a writer, but I have developed a website for them. Where can I advertise and publicize it?
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What's the best practice for displaying a personal website url in a resume?

Like most veteran coders in the IT industry, I have an out-of-date website that I use to link to different activities I'm involved with online, like Twitter and Stack Overflow. Up until now, I haven't ...
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How should be the format for literature references that are websites (URLs)?

In technical writings are good established standards for formatting literature references. But that doesn't work this well for URLs. How should these references be formatted?
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Writers' Communities?

I don't mean writers' circles, or "auditioning sites", although some of these have forums tacked on as a by the by. Usually places to talk about the beardy philosophy of writing are moribund ...
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What are good places to post your work where it will be read by others?

Seeing this site and reading some of my ridiculous stories that I wrote a while ago makes me want to start writing again. I know I'll be more enthusiastic if I have people reading my work and ...
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