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Writing or editing copy for the web. Questions about creating or maintaining websites are off topic here.

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What are good places to post your work where it will be read by others?

Seeing this site and reading some of my ridiculous stories that I wrote a while ago makes me want to start writing again. I know I'll be more enthusiastic if I have people reading my work and ...
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Copyright of examples used in books?

I'm getting into non-fiction technical writing (a blog, but potentially ebook or otherwise). Often the best technical advice come from dissecting and synthesising good and bad examples from the ...
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The art of clickbait captions

We all have seen at least one of these clickbaits (or some variation thereof): "single mom discovers the meaning of life with a simple trick" or "billionaires don't want you to know this ...
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Writers' Communities?

I don't mean writers' circles, or "auditioning sites", although some of these have forums tacked on as a by the by. Usually places to talk about the beardy philosophy of writing are moribund ...
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Co-branding a book with a website

For the last several months, I've had a a professional assignment writing an ongoing series for a well-known website. It was repurposed from a book I wasn't able to sell to a publisher. It's been ...
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What should I include (and not include) on a book's website?

I'm building a dedicated WordPress website for my (in-progress) graphic novel. My first thought was that I'd have an artist's blog for work-in-progress, and explore some of the worldbuild-y aspects ...
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Websites for free feedback on stories?

Are there any websites or anything similar where we can get feedback from online readers (without paying for a membership or anything of the sort) for stories and other writings that are not quite ...
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Should an author have one website or two?

I have seen that sometimes an author will have one website with a lot of content and a separate website that does nothing but offer the book(s) for sale. What are the advantages of this approach? ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Finding freelance work

My partner is trying to get more freelance web copywriting work and as an avid StackOverflow user I thought I would try to see what the fantastic stackexchange community thinks. There has to be ...
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Is the website beneficial for poets and writers?

I've found this website and could see huge number of poets and poetesses in it. Does anybody know about it? I would like to know more about this website.
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How should be the format for literature references that are websites (URLs)?

In technical writings are good established standards for formatting literature references. But that doesn't work this well for URLs. How should these references be formatted?
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"Overall Website" In Citing a Website (MLA)

I am writing a research paper using MLA style. One of my sources is a book via Google Books. According to the MLA style, part of citing this online source includes giving the "overall website". Would ...
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