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How can I make repetitive behaviour not be annoying?

I am working on a Y.A. fantasy novel. One of the things I like is using little things from real life as inspiration for characters and to group them together. As such, I had a group of villains that ...
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How to introduce my villain in the prologue?

I am currently doing a rewrite of my story, starting with the prologue. Now, my prologue exists mainly to introduce the main villain of the story, and I've been working on making some improvements, ...
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Are indoctrinated characters villains or victims?

I have a half-animal, half-human hybrid character who gets indoctrinated into a Nazi-like group of other half-animal hybrids who hate humans and want for them to be extinct. She's a child when this ...
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Stuck on villain's motivation and backstory [closed]

My villain is an animal-human chimera who was raised by a human. She will later hate humanity and want it extinct, but I'm unsure what would cause her to want to destroy the entire human race. She ...
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