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Conjugating "to be" with a plural country name (e.g. British Virgin Islands)

I recently used the sentence 'The British Virgin Islands are a lovely place to sail.' in an article for a client. When it was published, the editor changed ARE to IS. My feeling is this is incorrect ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Corve/Corven/Carven = Carved?

I know that the following forms of to carve have lately become obsolete, but are they so archaic that I can even not use them in writing (books (not formal documents, indeed)); that is, would any of ...
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Is it correct to write "sayd" instead of "said"?

The question arose because there is a wiktionary entry for "sayd."
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Strong verbs for energy and clarity, or artistic use of all parts of speech for voice/style?

In not a few books I've read on style, the author pushes the use of strong verbs, as opposed to nominalizations, and certain kinds of adverbs and adjectives, to energize every sentence a writer writes....
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