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Questions tagged [tutorial]

The language and communication style used in instructional videos, How-To manuals, and beginners' lessons that provide practical information about a specific subject. A tutorial often shows the fewest actions required to complete a task.

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Writing about a large Application Programming Interface

I would like to write a tutorial for a large Application Programming Interface, let me call that way. It is a library of many elements, in the thousand range. Obviously, only part of it is frequently ...
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During a video tutorial, when asking questions to viewers, should I use the pronoun "I" or "you"?

I am making a tutorial video on a programming language. During the video I want to ask questions to the audience. My confusion is between 2 words: "I" or "you". Let's see few ...
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Injecting creativity into a cookbook

I'm a chef. I'm also a writer. It's inevitable that I would want to write a cookbook. In fact I've probably started a dozen that I just never got around to finishing. Partly because I'm not sure how ...
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Is it ok to temporarily break immersion in a tutorial for a game?

At the start of a game, you sometimes have some character explaining things to you, the player, instead of the character, telling them to press A to do this and that. Paper Mario I think even makes a ...
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How to construct a technical tutorial when the user can't verify the results after each step?

In a technical tutorial it is helpful for a user to be able to check their progress often. Veryfing that the steps have produced a result is good because the user: has a feeling of progress can check ...
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First person plural for charisma?

I've been writing a friendly tutorial series for a small art software community. Somehow I decided to write it in first person plural, so the entire tutorial is "First, let's do this..." and "Now we ...
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Should I use contractions in a technical tutorial?

In a technical tutorial which fits better: In this tutorial you'll learn or In this tutorial you will learn or in general does it make no difference?
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Multiple tasks and a step by step tutorial

To my knowledge step-by-step tutorials should have the form of a ladder, where you describe how to get to a place step by step– accomplishing a single task at the end. Is it possible to accomplish ...
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What is the word for the action of selecting an item by a mouse?

I am writing a tutorial on how to use a specific web application and I don't know which verbs to use. Shall I use "click" for buttons? But what if the user doesn't use a mouse? Contrary to "normal" ...
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Is a 'tutorial format' acceptable for personal notes? [closed]

I am a software developer, as I get older, I find myself with the issue of not having as much time to learn as I once did. My learning schedule has gone from 'whenever I have time' to 2 hours or so a ...
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